We support Dementia Awareness in the workplace and community and want to help raise awareness at a local community level and not just within the services we support.

Given the nature of our business, we obviously do not to take Dementia Awareness for granted and encourage a wider understanding of Dementia by anyone whether affected or not. We also want to encourage employers to develop dementia awareness within their workforce and workplace and become dementia-friendly wherever possible.

Diagnosis and research have grown significantly over the last 10 years and people are therefore increasingly becoming affected by Dementia either directly or via a loved one or friend being diagnosed with the condition.

Dementia is caused by a number of diseases that affect the brain. The most commonly known is Alzheimer's but diseases also include Vascular dementia, Fronto-temporal dementia, Dementia with Lewy bodies, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and others.

Dementia can progress at varying rates dependent on type, personal circumstances and lifestyle.  Chiefly, the progress of Dementia is a personal experience for the diagnosed person and the people around them.

While age is often most commonly associated with dementia, it is important to note that Dementia is not a natural part of the ageing process, Dementia is caused by diseases of the brain. It is also diagnosed in younger adults as well, albeit younger people may have alternative needs and support requirements.

It is equally important to realise that it is possible to live well with Dementia and to understand that there is more to a person than their dementia.  This is fundamental in the care and support of people with dementia.

We would encourage all employers to be Dementia Aware and work with associations such as Dementia Friends, JoCo Learning & Development and the Alzheimer’s Society to develop dementia awareness in the workplace. 

Equally, people who are affected by Dementia can now benefit from a strong network of support agencies including the NHS.

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