Bank & Insolvency Services

Our teams have a strong track record of working with banks and insolvency practitioners in two specific scenarios;

1. When an insolvency process is unavoidable (Administration, Receivership etc.).

2. When a decision is made early enough to appoint us to avoid an insolvency process.

The latter is always preferable but our teams have a lot of experience in operating care homes or services under Administration or Receivership. We have a solid track record in preparing care businesses for smooth sale and supporting an improvement plan within a budget to protect value.

When we are appointed early enough to avoid Administration or Receivership, our teams have never failed to support a service back to mainstream lending or to a planned consensual sale where strong support and management is required for an operator to ensure the value of a business is retained or returned to acceptable levels.

Our joined-up operational and financial approach is key to achieving this, providing visibility across a healthcare business to operators and funders alike with a clear plan to achieve success. From here we quickly apply ourselves and provide regular reporting across operational and financial performance.

Starting with an audit of a care service or business, we quickly identify risk and put plans in place to mitigate these risks as quickly as possible. We are recognised by regulators and commissioners along with most banks and other professional advisors and our credentials can create space for the improvements required and the additional time and/or support you will need for a satisfactory exit or return to mainstream lending. 

If required, we can provide strong references as to our ability and track record.

Client buy-in is essential and we are proud of our track record in achieving this by discussing our credentials and the outcomes we achieve to underline how we always add value for all parties.

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